About Us

About us

Yasar and Cemil DALKIRAN brother of 1973 seedlings they planted at a workshop in Karagümrük once healthy and well-established branch ‘s turning into a tree that gave fruit in adapting to the pace of the fastest growing textile industry in Turkey.

Tricot knitting machines except the textile sector, has produced Turkey’s first machine with Star2000 Linking the brand. Dalteks, which hosts 270 producers in an area of ​​67.000m2 in Bayrampaşa, continues its own production in a closed area of ​​4500m2. Dalteks products are exported to many countries, mainly Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Parallel to the development of textile machinery manufacturing in Turkey so far from industry organizations and has served as the backup to the park production sector. As a result, Dalteks changed the direction of its investments in 2005 and took a step in the aviation and defense industry sector.

Dalteks also entered the aviation industry, a new DAL, in 2005. CNC machines and precision measuring devices operate on-site production for Turkey and the world’s reputable companies. At the same time, the studies of Rail Transportation products started in the R&D department in 2013 planted the seeds of a new DAL.

With its 48 years of history, understanding of quality and vast experience, Dalteks is taking fast and confident steps towards becoming a global brand.

Our Mission

Turkey’s textile sector as one of the most experienced and leading provider of top-quality needs of customers in various sectors, offering economical and long-lasting products to meet the constantly improving customer satisfaction and provide their products with the participation of all employees.

Our vision

To be an international brand that maintains its competitive power and sustainable growth by following the technological innovations in the sector and constantly improving its products, meeting the needs of its domestic and foreign customers at the highest level.

Yenidoğan Mah. Ferhatpaşa Cad.  Dalkıran Triko Merkezi No:14/255 Bayrampaşa-İstanbul
Tel : (0212) 613 80 80 (PBX) Faks : (0212) 613 80 99 Email : sales@dalteks.com.tr
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